Podcastlink is a simple little tool for making it easy to create links for use in podcasts, streaming and other forms of social media.

Podcastlinks are easy to pronounce

Automatically creates links that can be easily be pronounced: podcastlink.com/big marshmallow (as opposed to something like shortylink.ew/3d2z8.)

Voice assistant friendly

Podcastlinks can also generally be understood by voice assistants. Instead of typing them in, people can simply say, “Siri, podcastlink.com slash big marshmallow” and she’ll automatically load the appropriate page.

Affiliate friendly

You can use the Podcastlink product search to generate Amazon affiliate links for zillions of products. If you have an Amazon affiliate tag we’ll automatically add it to any link we create for you to Amazon.

Create a catalog of links for you audience

Every link you favorite is saved to your own Podcastlink favorites page that displays them in a visual pinboard style including images from linked articles and pages. You can see mine here: podcastlink.com/andrew

Automatic QR Code creation

Each podcastlink comes with a qr code you can use in video streams, images or whatever else you want.

Simple click counting

Podcastlink keep track of all the clicks on a link and will let you know how how effective a promotion or campaign was.

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